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Real estate lawyer Neil Sullivan, Managing Partner of Sullivan McMullan has appeared in the media a multitude of times throughout his professional career over the last two decades. Most notably, he made brief appearances in both interviews and articles.

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Exclusive Entrepreneur Interviews

On Inspirery as well as Ideamensch, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and business owners discuss their professional career. In addition, the guests speak about their early life and education. For Neil in particular, he appeared on both interview platforms to discuss how he rebranded his law firm, built a robust clientele, and takes pride in providing top-notch quality service to his clients. Furthermore, Neil briefly touches on what a typical day is like for him as well as how he stays productive. Last but not least, he provides readers with some book recommendations and his favorite quote.

‘The customer is always right’ -Neil Sullivan

Feature Articles

Aside from the interviews that Neil appeared in, he also lends his expertise, knowledge, and insight to various article publications. More specifically, his articles on real estate law in Canada were recently published on Patch and Prague Post.

Neil Sullivan – Sullivan McMullan as Seen in the Media

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For Busy Entrepreneurs

Finding a good real estate lawyer is one of the most important aspects of buying and selling a property. A real estate lawyer represents your personal interests in the deal and will keep your priorities in mind.

Neil Sullivan

Always try and find a way to do something better. If an issue arises, find a way to avoid it in the future. Neil Sullivan, Managing Partner for Sullivan & McMullan Real Estate Law is reinventing the way real estate works. While he has been established in multiple businesses over the years, he thrives in the real estate environment.

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Neil Sullivan is an experienced real estate lawyer located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is a managing partner at Sullivan McMullan. With over t…

Neil Sullivan | Inspirery

When you think of a traditional law firm, the words “service oriented” are not the typical words that come to mind. Changing the world in real estate law is Neil Sullivan, Managing Partner of Sullivan McMullan.