How We Can All Find the Right Work-Life Balance

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Maintaining a proper work-life balance is often a challenging endeavor. With a multitude of personal and professional obligations, adhering to a set schedule may seem an impossible task. Neil Sullivan – one of Winnipeg’s leading real estate lawyers, claims that the key to establishing a healthy work-life balance is creating boundaries. Numerous studies have claimed the most productive individuals are well-organized and are able to prioritize their tasks throughout the day. After years of working in real estate and experimenting with finding the right work-life balance, he offers some insight on how he manages various aspects of his everyday life.

Determine Your Priorities

Self-reflection is often the first step when it comes to making the most of your time. Highly successful individuals schedule their time and prioritize their daily tasks. By creating realistic goals, individuals are more likely to maintain a proper work-life balance over time. Neil Sullivan claims that it is easy to be distracted by tasks that do not align with your priorities, but it is important to learn to say no to tasks that do not add value to your day.

Create Professional Boundaries

As someone who is no stranger to late-night emails or phone calls, Neil Sullivan understands the power of being communicative. However, with the stress of a career and a multitude of professional obligations, it can be difficult to make time for personal commitments. He claims that he often makes time for his loved ones by not responding to work-related emails in the evenings which helps him maintain a sense of control. Additionally, powering off your electronic devices can help eliminate the distraction of technology.

Make Your Health a Priority

Frequent exercise can enhance mental clarity, increase productivity, and raise one’s overall energy levels. Physical activity increases blood flow to the brain which ultimately sharpens mental awareness, and as a result, individuals are able to achieve more throughout their day. Similarly, organizing activities with family members is a great way to be active, while setting aside some quality time with them.

Ask for Flexibility

Employers are usually flexible when it comes to individuals who are raising a family.  Telecommuting, or ‘working from home’ has become increasingly popular in various professional settings and is often an effective solution for parents with small children. Neil Sullivan claims that if you are open and communicative about what you need, employers are typically willing to compromise. As a dedicated real estate lawyer, he is often met with the challenges of balancing his career and personal life. However, despite any difficulties, he is able to thrive in various avenues of his life by setting realistic goals and respecting his own time. With a highly successful career, he encourages all working professionals to strategize ways to effectively manage their time.

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