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Typically, when people think of the a traditional law firm, they don’t associate it with “service oriented”. However, Neil Sullivan, Managing Partner of Sullivan McMullan is hoping to reinvent real estate law. Changing the world and trend in real estate law, Neil has over two decades of experience dealing with all walks of real estate law issues. In addition, he excels in the world of real estate law as his passion for creating a new way for people to establish the lives they want is unending.

Neil Sullivan

In 1995, Neil Sullivan graduated from the University of Manitoba. Since then, he ventured on his career journey by first stepping foot in international property deals. More specifically, he worked closely with clients to invest in real estate. One thing has always been clear to Neil from the start – the customer is always right. As such, he always strives to provide the best possible customer service to his clientele.

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Over the years, Neil has learned a lot thanks to the rise and fall of the market culminating in the real estate recession of 2008. In 2014, he rebranded Sullivan McMullan Real Estate Law to Sullivan McMullan. This came from an inspiration he had. Since then, the firm’s mission statement became devoted to the needs of clients. They provided a personal touch with every project that they worked on with clients. More specifically, Neil assisted the buyers and sellers of residential real estate. Furthermore, he created a service-oriented organization that would not only be responsive, but also adaptive to their clientele. The new company delivers an innovative as well as comprehensive service package. In these custom tailored packages, not only do they provide customary services associated with real estate transactions, but also a great many other services which serve to heighten the clients’ overall level of satisfaction.

Personal Life & Website

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Aside from his career, Neil Sullivan enjoys spending time with family and friends. In particular, when he isn’t busy making sure that the clients receive top notch quality service, he travels, reads, and plays poker. In addition to these hobbies, he partakes in soccer when time allows. Last but not least, Neil’s wife has been a pillar of inspiration for him as well as a beacon of motivation for his ever-growing desire to excel.

On this personal website, Neil wishes to act as that same pillar of inspiration for others. While he has found success in real estate law, he wishes to inspire young entrepreneurs that are thinking of starting their own business. The path of personal success is never easy and Neil Sullivan wishes to inspire others in whatever way possible.